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Warranty conditions

1. A fault is a malfunction of computing hardware. Malfunctions do not include software malfunctions, for which Network Tomorrow OÜ is not responsible for installation and product support. The objects of the warranty repair are the IT equipment purchased from Network Tomorrow OÜ. The guarantee is valid if the customer has the original invoice with the product and the date of delivery. 

1.1. The first group includes: servers and data arrays produced under the Supermicro brand. The warranty period for the equipment of the first group is 3 (three) years from the date of delivery of the equipment to the customer, unless a separate Maintenance Package has been ordered.

2. Network Tomorrow OÜ only repairs such malfunctions under warranty that are not due to improper use of the equipment and/or physical wear/natural depreciation. Free warranty repair is not carried out in case of malfunctions caused by the following reasons:

2.1. Mechanical wear, shocks and physical defects caused by use.

2.2. Malfunctions caused by using the equipment in an unsuitable working environment (a lot of dust, high or low temperature, high humidity, strong vibration).

2.3. Malfunctions caused by the use of an incorrect supply voltage, as well as by connecting a computer or other device to the mains without using grounding.

2.4. Breakdowns that have occurred as a result of some natural force (thunder, flood, earthquake, storm, etc.).

3. The right to free warranty repair is lost if the equipment has been repaired or changes have been made to it by a person not authorized by Network Tomorrow OÜ.

4. In order to receive a free warranty repair, the owner of the server/device is obliged to immediately disconnect the server/device from the mains after the occurrence of a failure and not to use it again until the Network Tomorrow OÜ representative has given consent to use the broken server/device. This clause does not apply to the failure of the hard disk and the duplicated power supply unit.

5. If it turns out that the failure is caused by the reasons listed in points 2 - 4, the customer loses the right to a free warranty repair and is obliged to pay all costs related to the repair, including a possible recall, error detection and other incurred costs that are directly related to the failure report in question.

6. Network Tomorrow OÜ is not responsible for the preservation of software and data on any hard disk. It is the user responsibility to make backup copies of the data. To familiarize yourself with the respective technologies, contact a representative of Network Tomorrow OÜ.

7. To perform a warranty repair or to receive a consultation, please call Network Tomorrow OÜ at +372 6 829 945, +372 6 829 940. If the problem cannot be solved by phone, the equipment in need of repair must be brought to the warranty repair department of Network Tomorrow OÜ at Järvevana tee 9, 11314, Tallinn. This is the case, unless otherwise stipulated in a separate contract.

8. It is also possible to invite a Network Tomorrow OÜ specialist to the site, and the arrival will be paid according to the general price list of Network Tomorrow OÜ services. It is possible to conclude a separate contract for on-site (on-site) to carry out warranty and maintenance.

Garantii kontroll

Warranty check

To check the devices warranty, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Request sent. We will contact you.

Garantii vahetus

Warranty exchange

Please read our terms and conditions regarding the RMA qualification and procedure. If you are still unsure whether or not the goods you wish to return qualify for an RMA request, please contact us.

Request sent. We will contact you.

Important information

  • You can only return goods, which have been purchased from Netowrk Tomorrow OÜ and are eligible for RMA.

  • Depending on the warranty package chosen, RMA can be requested during 3 or 5 years from the date of receiving the goods.

  • You can only return DOA or defective goods.

  • For DOA an RMA request should be submitted during the first 20 days after receiving the goods.

  • RMA is required for every return.

  • Every RMA request is valid for 21 days.

  • You can ship the goods out to us after we have approved your RMA request.

  • Network Tomorrow OÜ has the right to refuse any goods returned without the RMA request and which arrive later than 21 days after the RMA request approval date.

  • RMA requests from customers outside the EU will be handled case by case. Please contact

RMA shipments

  • Write the RMA number on the shipping label, not on the box.

  • Returns without the RMA number on the shipping label will be refused.

  • Include the RMA acceptance form in the return package.

  • We advise to insure the return and use durable packaging materials to avoid damage during shipment.

  • We advise not to include cables or manuals in RMA shipments as we might not return them.

  • RMA return shipments costs are pre-paid and borne by the customer.

  • Network Tomorrow OÜ shall send RMAs back to the customer with a transport partner of our choice.

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